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Citroën CX, aerodynamic elegance (GB)

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Produktnummer: 978-90-831417-4-9
Produktinformationen "Citroën CX, aerodynamic elegance (GB)"

In 2014, CX expert Michael Buurma and Thijs van der Zanden of Citrovisie decided to create a unique CX-book. This book has now become the standard work in the CX field. However, the call for an English language version remained so strong that author Michael Buurma and publisher Thijs van der Zanden joined forces with translator and Citroën expert Julian Marsh. The result of their collaboration can now be ordered.

In an almost encyclopaedic manner the creation and evolution of the Citroën CX is discussed in this book by model year, by type and down to the smallest detail. This also includes the models that never got beyond the drawing board: a five-door CX, numerous never realised interior designs, a CX GTi with a diesel engine… The book is amply illustrated with hundreds of images and is an indispensable reference for the real Citroën lover. The foreword was written by Pierre Leclercq, head of Citroën’s design studio.

Abmessung: 22x24
Autor: Michael Buurma
ISBN: 978-90-831417-4-9
Seitenanzahl: 336
Sprache: Englisch
Verlag: Citrovisie

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