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Kleintjes in crisistijd - De geschiedenis van de Citroëns LN, LNA, Visa, Oltcit, Axel en C15 (NL)

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Produktnummer: 978-90-815208-7-4
Produktinformationen "Kleintjes in crisistijd - De geschiedenis van de Citroëns LN, LNA, Visa, Oltcit, Axel en C15 (NL)"

This book describes the history of the compact Citroëns that appeared between 1975 and 1985: the LN, LNA, Visa, Oltcit, Axel and the C15, a van model which was derived from the Visa. The development of these cars coincided with a period of crisis in the history of Citroën. Erroneous strategic decisions, financial problems, the oil crisis, the takeover by Peugeot, the search for a new identity…

Using many previously unpublished photographs and facts, author Thijs van der Zanden explains how Citroën tried to develop a new compact model in these circumstances. There is much attention to the history, context and backgrounds, but also the exact evolution by type and reviews of upholstery, exterior colours, production figures and technical details are thoroughly covered. This book is an indispensable reference work for anyone who wants to know everything about a so far underexposed period in Citroën history.

Abmessung: 22x24cm
Autor: Thijs van der Zanden
ISBN: 978-90-815208-7-4
Seitenanzahl: 360
Sprache: Niederländisch
Verlag: Citrovisie

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